The Most Cheesy and Boring Pick-Up Strategies That Need to End Asap

Nightlife, in fact, is no different than a labyrinth making you come across a variety of characters. It can make you meet the sweetest people to create new stories with, or either level-boss-types exhibiting tiresome determination with their horrible pick-up lines. Here are the worst 10 strategies to come across at a night out (or to try at least once in your lifetime!):

Asking for something continuously

“Got lighter?” “Got Iphone charger?” “Got napkin/wet tissue?” These lines are more than OK to hear at a pub, however using them over and over to get noticed is NOT.

Insisting on buying drinks as a last resort

This is a thing for women especially who like to sit at the bar and here’s how it usually happens: Our guy approaches our gal who is peacefully enjoying a drink at the bar, and the moment the conversation gets stuck he clings to buying drinks / paying the bar tab cliché. If he only knew it just helps making her disappointment worse.

Trying like everything to trick someone into giving their phone number

These guys are notorious for trying a million things to get their crushes’ numbers instead of getting them interested face-to-face, and their most successful (!) ways are usually the lost phone trick or “I lost my number, what’s yours?” kinda terrible jokes. Luckily at a typical Pub Story night there’s no need for this level of self-humiliation. In fact, people who got to mingle at those nights later on start huge WhatsApp groups themselves!

Taking social media stalking to a whole new level

This method is also for the avoiding-direct-contact type, however it can be creepy for some because it requires a wide range of skills from following that person on Swarm to spotting them from the location of their Instagram post.

Trying to attract attention through sarcasm

And this one is for the type persistently trying to meet someone based on their knowhow gained during their primary school years. It requires teasing and sarcasm to attract attention, however it barely works with people above the age of 9.

Hitting on with practiced waxing poetic

Bad news for the ones who would picture cool (!) debuts thanks to the corny pick-up lines they’ve heard here and there: Because it’s 2018 and unfortunately these romantic-rascal techniques that had been tried many times in vain stopped working since the end of 90s.

 Taking advantage of someone’s emergency

It’s totally humane to help someone in need at a pub or a nightclub, say, to hand out a napkin to someone who spilled their drink or share your taxi with someone who lost their wallet. But deliberate exploitation of someone’s hardship in order to draw attention or meet someone is indeed the worst.

Hiding behind the macho attitude

Another extremely boring method is acting way too protective on the person you like to meet in the name of being “the cool tough guy”. Involving getting unnecessarily aggressive with the people around your crush, this method too won’t work unless you’re in the Serengeti wildlife areas. 

Joking inappropriately

We agree that everyone, regardless of gender, would rather be with people who make themselves laugh. However, it’s time to leave the awful corny jokes we’ve heard over and over behind and better go with the flow of the conversation.

Act clumsy / dumb

Now this’s another ancient method back from primary school days! Still used often by both genders, these clumsiness/dumbness tricks must be inspired from romantic comedies, we’re afraid.

Depending on your friend to meet someone

A huge indicator of low self-esteem, this one would turn off anyone with the tiniest bit of self-respect. Just sayin’. (See: How I Met Your Mother Ted )

Performing crazy dance moves

Applying to some who have dance skills, happened to have dance classes or simply believe they have dance skills, this strategy might actually work to some extent if used moderately; however constantly trying to get someone to dance with you will only arouse hatred in return.

Bragging about profession

Instead of introducing yourself decently as in “Hi I’m x, what’s your name?”, starting with “Hi I’m x, cardiovascular surgeon” is no doubt at the top of the ugliest conversation openers list of the world.

Excessive complimenting

Praise is a double-edged sword! If you go and tell your crush right away how beautiful/handsome they are, even there’s a good chance you could be treated like a perv. That’s why complimenting should just be a tool – to be used moderately – for an expression of liking, not for meeting.