The Most Cheesy and Boring Pick-Up Strategies That Need to End Asap

Nightlife, in fact, is no different than a labyrinth making you come across a variety of personalities. A night out can help you create new stories with the sweetest people, or can bestow upon you some cringeworthy pick-up-line material. Here are the WORST 10 strategies to use on a night out:

Being Too Needy

“Got lighter?” “Got Iphone charger?” “Got napkin/wet tissue?” These lines are more than OK to hear at a pub, however using them over and over to get noticed is NOT.

Insisting on Buying Drinks as a Last Resort

This often impacts women who like to sit at the bar.

Let’s set the scene: The guy approaches a gal who is peacefully enjoying a drink at the bar. They talk about the weather, a sports team on the TV, and other matters of small talk. The moment the conversation starts to lag, he clings to buying drinks / paying the bar tab cliché.

If he only knew how much of a let down this can be for a girl who wants a REAL conversation.

Tricking Someone into Giving Away Their Number

These guys are notorious for trying a million-and-one different ways to get their crushes’ numbers instead of getting to know them and asking them directly.

The most overplayed? Usually the “lost phone” trick or “I lost my number, what’s yours?” pick-up-lines.

Luckily at a typical Pub Story night, there’s no need for this level of self-humiliation. In fact, people who meet at Pub Story often start a whole group chat titled “Pub Story Crew” and become lifelong bffs or boos.

Taking Social Media Stalking to a Whole. New. Level. 

This method is made for the “avoiding-direct-contact” type. Peering at the stunner across the bar, figuring out her name, stalking her on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter until you know every little thing about her life, EXCEPT you haven’t actually spoken.


What’s next? Using their IG location to find them on a night out?

Trying to Attract Attention Through Arrogance

This is for all the know-it-all types showing off their sixth-grade science education. Yes, thank you for explaining what photosynthesis is, can you please leave me alone now?

Being Poetic and Awkward At the Same Time

Ring-Ring. The 90’s called and said they want their pick-up-lines back. Please cease and desist the use of “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” And “Do you like this shirt? It’s made from boyfriend material.”


Taking Advantage of An Emergency

It’s totally humane to help someone in need at a pub or a nightclub. It’s always good manners to hand a napkin to someone who spilled their drink or share your taxi with someone who lost their wallet.

But writing your number on the napkin or re-routing the cab to “your place” is NOT the way.

Hiding Behind the “Macho” Attitude

Move aside tough guy. Sometimes a girl likes someone who is masculine enough to show his emotions in a positive way. It’s never cute when you try to beat the crap out of anyone who hits on your honey.

The over-the-top “Macho” attitude only highlights your insecurities. What are you trying to compensate for anyway?

Inappropriate “Jokes”

We agree that everyone, regardless of gender, would rather be around people who make them laugh. However, it’s time to leave the distasteful (and often sexist) jokes in the trash where they belong.

Acting Clumsy or Stupid

No one picks the dumb jock or the clueless girl at the end of the Rom-Com. It’s okay to be funny and to be yourself, but trying too hard to look clueless or clumsy is a one-way ticket to Single-Forever Town.

Using Your Friend to Flirt

Nothing says “I’m actually a man-baby” faster than having your friend tell someone they’re cute. Grow a pair and go talk to him/her/them yourself.

This isn’t middle school.

Crazy Dance Moves

Leave the “Dance Like No One Is Watching” to when no one is watching. Unless you have years of dance experience or have been told “you’re a good dancer” leave the crazy moves to the pros.

If you’re caught doing the funky chicken as a first impression, your crush will never wanna go out with you.

Bragging About Your Profession

Instead of introducing yourself as: “Hi I’m x, what’s your name?”, starting with “Hi I’m x, cardiovascular surgeon” is no doubt at the top of the ugliest conversation openers list of the world.

No one cares you have 500K dollars in student loans and work 80 hour days. Bye.

Excessive Compliments

Don’t open a chain of dialogue with “Damn girl, your momma let you date?” It makes you come off as desperate and perverted.

Instead, TALK to the person, introduce yourself, make a connection. Then if you want to sneak in a little “You’re truly a beautiful person” feel free.

Ultimately, be who you are. So much of what turns people off is lack of authenticity. Be true, be you.