TDCO #1: From a Charles Dickens Novel to the Sparkling New Yorker Life…

Since the beginning of our Pub Story journey, we have seen so many different people, so many places and – due to the combination of the two – so many beautiful stories that we are a hundred percent sure even a single night can completely change one’s life!

Starting from this – the fact that living through a night without any expectations can end up as your “revolution”, we proudly present a new series, “Things Do Change Overnight!” and here is the first of it.

Life is such a magic playdough – molded by both the conscious and unconscious choices we make, taking non-reversible forms each time we try to shape it differently, however each form is unique and genuine. This concept is way too thrilling for us not to write about the lives that have changed overnight, in the “Things Do Change Overnight!” series! The story you are about to read is the life-changing night of Sarah Jessica Parker, who became an idol for millions of women with Sex And The City!

Despite All the Poverty…

Sarah Jessica Parker… Our dearest Carrie Bradshaw with her huge smile, curly blonde hair, delicate manners… Looks as though she has been as cool, independent and romantic as Carrie Bradshaw since the day she was born, right? But things had never been as easy for Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah Jessica, born in a small town in Ohio in 1965, was the middle child of her family with 8 children who had to constantly struggle with poverty. And as if life wasn’t hard enough, Sarah had to grow up too fast when her parents got a divorce.

And to make matters worse, her mum fell out of work after the divorce and Sarah, just a 7 or 8 year old back then, found herself carrying almost the whole burden of the household responsibilities and neglecting her studies because she had to support her mum by working 3 part-time jobs a day and taking care of her younger siblings. Few years later when her mum remarried, the family moved to Cincinnati and despite all the financial struggles they were going through, they couldn’t stay indifferent to Jessica’s interest in music, dancing and acting. They had had a major part in young Sarah’s becoming the brand “SJP” since then.

Could a Step Dad Become a Little Girl’s Hero?

Paul Forste, Sarah Jessica Parker’s step dad whom she always called “her hero” was the one to change her life. A truck driver with a low income, Paul Forste was much more than that: A loving guy who tried hard to provide for the children of the woman he married, Barbara, as best as he could. Step dad Paul decided to surprise Sarah Jessica, who was then 9-10 years old and dancing and singing non-stop at home, by taking her to a Broadway musical at a time when he was assigned a New York route.

After the gloomy poor Charles Dickens-novel-like domestic setting she had lived in since she was born, Sarah was so dazzled by the musical and the charm of the New York City that she already decided about her future as a 10-year-old! Upon returning to Cincinnati her mum Barbara and her step dad Paul enrolled Sarah Jessica to a music and drama school despite all the financial difficulties. They believed she would be successful, but had no idea how greatly that loving and trusting act of theirs would change all of their lives.

After that Musical…

Following that magical night which totally altered her perspective on the world, life and the future, Sarah Jessica started training for Broadway kids’ auditions at the drama school she had attended for a year. At the age of 11, Sarah Jessica actually managed to win a supporting role in the musical “The Innocents” while at the same time training day and night. Only 3 years after her Broadway debut, the young star played the lead actress in the musical “Annie” and this was where she started working her way up to fame. Moving from the Broadway theater, her dream place she had always wanted to spend her life at, to the TV screen playing teen characters during the 80’s, SJP’s breakthrough was when the fabulous TV series Sex And The City started in 1996. Having had starred in the 6-year run TV series with international rating records, SJP not only reached the peak of her fame but also became brand ambassador for top fashion brands and now owns her own fashion brand called SJP. But Sarah Jessica Parker still mentions in her interviews how she finds strength from her Charles-Dickens-novel-type childhood during times of struggle.