Special Encounters #2: Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

Even just a glimpse of some couples melts our hearts. Cherishing each other dearly, not missing an opportunity to appreciate each other, staying stronger together, such couples might evoke a bit of an envy but truly restore our faith in love.

This week’s special encounter story is Justin Timberlake and his beloved wife Jessica Biel’s. Here’s the timeline for how this power couple, having survived ups and downs, made it throughout their 11-year long relationship.

This guy has the charms!

Speaking of Justin Timberlake makes you want to say this, right? No matter what they say, there is something really unique about him! A 20-year-long successful solo career and still carrying onward, it is no doubt that we are dealing with a multi-talent. He is a writer and performer of amazing songs, an amazing dancer and also a pretty decent actor, so no wonder he is mentioned as one of the most iconic contemporary stars and even the most suitable candidate to take Michael Jackson’s place.

However, as versatile and consistent as he is in whatever he does, our beloved JT had not succeeded as much in his love life. After his stormy relationship and later break-up with the iconic Britney Spears, he had quite a number of romantic relationships and hook-ups. Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson and Olivia Wilde are only some of the high-profile Hollywood ladies who were involved in his wide range of relationship record – not to mention the others.

Thanks to mutual friends!

 Burdened by such a heavy relationship record and now having become a world-renowned star, Justin owes finding the love of his life, with his own words “his other half”, to a series of total coincidences. Fate started working its way once he reluctantly attended the Golden Globe Awards night in 2007 where he came across his close friend Beverley Mitchell, and it brought him “his other half” when Beverley’s former costar Jessica Biel joined their deep conversation! (By the way, who else remembers the TV show 7th Heaven which 80’s generation loved so much?) It was impossible not to notice the spark between the two of them. Even the matchmaker-by-chance Beverley Mitchell later on revealed “the love at first sight” by saying “They started flirting the second they met. It was happening right in front of my eyes and they were incredibly adorable.”

Having dragged feet to the Golden Globe night but walked out from there as deeply in love, JT found himself stunned. Love must strike even the world’s biggest stars badly too – Timberlake had to get Beverley ask her out for him because he forgot to get her phone number and then was too shy about that! The darling Beverley was now their ultimate matchmaker to witness their happiness from the very beginning.

The way to happiness is not always a bed of roses

Justin and Jessica might have a dream relationship right now, but happiness is something to be worked on when it comes to relationships, and this applied to Justin and Jessica’s story as well. The very beginning of their relationship was clouded with too much longing due to Justin’s months-long world tour. Jessica Biel says they had to depend on long phone calls like pre-teens would do, and those 6 months were too rough for her, however it also meant their relationship had passed a tough test of trust.

The couple publicly announced their relationship in 2008, a year after they met, however things did not go as perfect as they had looked in the following 3 years. The conflicts they had and the rumors about Justin brought them to a point where they again publicly announced their break-up and decision to stay as friends. They could only endure the separation for 3 months though!

Sweet era begins

Having had spent those 3 miserable months, Justin knew exactly how to put an end to this: Proposing to the woman he now knew could not afford losing. In 2011, embraced by nature in Montana where he proposed to the love of his life, he got a huge yes! Jessica, who had not really been the “marriage and kids type” of woman before, was now longing for it!

The couple got married in September 2012, in the beautiful Puglia of Italy in front of 100 guests. Who wouldn’t agree Jessica Biel’s unconventional pink wedding dress was almost forecasting their future colorful life together?

Want to guarantee happiness? Fall in love with your best friend

As risky as it is, being best friends with the person you love is definitely more of a happiness recipe. 11 years together and counting, with the addition of their 3-year-old Silas, it is obviously what Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel must be doing!

Their heartfelt posts on social media are just sweet reflections of how they have each other’s backs and how much fun they have together, unlike some very common “perfectly-staged” show-off posts. They are truly a role model for how to grow a passionate love into a beautiful family.