14 Things Anyone with a Hangover Would Go Through at Work

Some people would have a couple of drinks after work and carry on with their lives the next day like nothing happened, however, this doesn’t apply to everyone! For the “living on the edge” type, socializing during the week might have a great cost. Making innocent people go miserable with our weekday events all the time (!), we as Pub Story would like to have a word about what happens to us when a hangover strikes at workplace. Cheers!

1. Setting a world record for hitting the snooze button

The day-long nightmare from the deeds of the last night starts with the sound of the damn alarm clock! If you aren’t planning on setting a world record for hitting the snooze button that means you are definitely going to be told off for being late.

2. Feeling like you are on a boat in the middle of a storm during commute

You don’t get to think about the commute during the rush hour next day while partying like there’s no tomorrow. However every office worker will unfortunately experience a rough commute with a hangover at least once in their lifetime.

3. Living in constant paranoia that everyone is looking at you

This is the most typical thing someone hungover would do at the workplace. It is mainly because our poor drunk thinks everyone around him actually knows all the things he did the night before.

4. Surviving on painkillers

If you happen to be a hungover office worker with a low headache threshold you’ll probably take more painkillers than an average test subject in a drug trial, although you know none of them will actually work!

5. Faking sick all day long

Now this mostly applies to our hungover buddies who have to work in close contact with their bosses. Even food poisoning is the most popular lie to be told as an excuse to the bosses at those times.

6. Going to the bathroom like a million times

It’s expected though, when you drink gallons of water in 2 hours hoping for a detox!

7. Developing a skill for sleeping with eyes open during meetings

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For some reason the hungover times and never-ending pointless meetings overlap at the workplace. How lucky you are if you manage to take the conversation sounds as a lullaby and snooze in those meetings!

8. Acting way too hyper to cover the situation

Jumping right into everything despite being deadly sleep-deprived, exhausted and distracted is also a thing.

9. Taking a nap at every corner possible

You are lucky if you have an office space with secluded meeting rooms or phone booths. Bathrooms and under the desk are options for the less lucky.

10. Googling hangover remedies like crazy

No, mixing parsley juice with ginger root and having it along with a double espresso won’t magically cure your hangover. Just sayin’.

11. Missing school days badly

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You’d never imagine missing those days “you thought to be harsh” while whining during the finals week, would you? We never did too.

12. Counting milliseconds after 16.00

First admit it and take a deep breath because an hour in the hangover universe equals to 8 hours on Earth.

13. Swearing “you’ll never do it again”

Now here’s the most critical point… A terrible day at the workplace will make you keep saying “Never again!”. Well, it’s the nature of the beast.

14. And of course going out during the week again

Some not-so-scientific research shows that when people working with hangovers take an oath that they’ll never do it again, only 2,4% of the oaths are realized (Yup, fractions make it look more realistic).